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Helping Leaders and Companies Succeed By Connecting Critical, Rapid Demographics and Cultural Shifts to Growth Strategies and Leadership Practices.

The New World Marketplace

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Keynote Speaker

Are you ready to lead your company and motivate your team to win and succeed in The New World Marketplace? It is a world vastly different than the one taught in business textbooks. Are you ready to become your own future rival? Farnaz Wallace delivers a thought-provoking, passionate, motivational keynote at your next conference to help you and your team forsake past orthodoxies and prejudices that hold you back from future growth. Farnaz is known as an insightful interpreter and translator . . .

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Consulting Services

Farnaz Global is a leading, new world, boutique strategic consulting firm specializing in assisting companies to capitalize on cultural macro trends and critical demographic shifts, and transforming traditional business models into customer centric, best-in-class, growth platforms with sustainable revenue stream. We differentiate by delivering fast results at minimal cost, and helping you define your winning and differentiating Value Proposition(s) in today’s fast changing and fiercely competitive global marketplace . . .

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14 Oct
We know women represent half of the population and half of the work force. But they represent 85% of consumer buying decisions--$7 trillion in consumer and business spending.  Women are considered the largest market opportunity in the world, controlling $20 trillion in annual . . .
27 Aug
Trust is a universal need in all relationships, isn’t it? The degree of importance may vary from one person to the next, but we all need trust in all aspects of our relationships. It is the most cherished need, and it is the bond that holds all other values together. It is the belief that someone or something is . . .
14 Jul
Did you know some 800 million population of Muslim women surpass the combined populations of the United States, Russia and Brazil? Stereotyping Muslim women and putting them in one box would be the same as putting all characteristics and cultural nuances of all these three big countries . . .
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Did you know?
1 out of 4 kids being born in the US has a parent who is an immigrant?
Did you know?
Hispanics, Asians and multi-racial children accounted for almost ALL of the US youth growth in the past decade
Did you know?
85% of the consumer buying decisions are made by women?
Did you know?
For every 2 men graduating from college, 3 women are and with better GPAs
Did you know?
Cultural values are the most important values in consumers mind?
Did you know?
Gen Y and Gen Z are the most ethnically diverse generations in global history

Meet Farnaz

Farnaz Wallace is a thought leader, author, speaker, management consultant and growth strategist passionate about helping leaders and companies understand and embrace a New World Marketplace pulsing with a culturally diverse make up of social models, relationships, businesses, leaders and customers–most of whom aren’t being spoken to by your strategic planning and branding messages.  She connects the critical demographics and cultural shifts into profit potential and provides a clear roadmap for future growth and profitability.  As the Principal of Farnaz Global, LLC, she is the go-to-expert for growth opportunities on the horizon and a sought after speaker and consultant for many organizations around the world.

Farnaz is a provocative thinker and an insightful strategist who is an evangelist for three major macro trends:  1) the Shifting roles of women in society and leadership; 2) the new values and ideological power of youth culture; 3) the growth and influence of multicultural consumers and societies.  She coined the phrase “The New World Marketplace” to help decision-makers in businesses, community leaders and the media embrace these macro forces instead of treating them in silos and labeling them as special interests and diversity initiatives.  For better or worse, the world of Mad Men is dead, and she believes women, youth and multiculturalism are shaping the future of our society and businesses.   

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