The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: June 2008: Food Prices: A Local Look: Restaurants Caught In Vise

Farnaz Wallace was interviewed by Joe Guy Collier for his article, Food Prices: A Local Look: Restaurants Caught In Vise, in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Joe discusses how restaurants are being hit hard by the economy, as well as customers, and that restaurants are experiencing a need to increase prices.

Farnaz explains that “Church’s Chicken, an Atlanta-based fast-food chain, has seen same-store sales rise during the downturn, but it’s required careful adjustments to pricing and promotions strategy.  Church’s has increased prices twice over the past year.  The company, though, rolled back one of the price increases on dark meat after seeing customer reaction.  It kept price increases on mixed chicken and tenders.  Strategically, we try to target those items that address the less price-sensitive customers.”  Download the PDF.

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