Farnaz on Media Coverage

Nation’s Restaurant News: May 2009: Exploring the Rewards of Risk

Farnaz Wallace participated in a discussion of foodservice executives presented by Nation’s Restaurant News and the Women’s Foodservice Forum.  The panel “examined both the pros and cons of risk taking in business, including the ways bold choices affect foodservice brands, corporate teams and individuals’ own career development.”  Farnaz explains, “I don’t know if you can drive bottom line without taking risks.  And I think it’s the difference between leading from the front end versus leading from the back end.  And I think you need to do both, and I think one goes with the other.  I have yet to see a company that can grow without taking risks or grow the bottom line without taking risks.”  Read the whole discussion.


Nation’s Restaurant News: January 2006: Church’s Chicken takes ‘value-plus’ tack, redesigns website

Gregg Cebrzynski of Nation’s Restaurant News writes in his article, Church’s Chicken takes ‘value-plus’ tack, redesigns website, about Farnaz Wallace marketing Church’s Chicken’s image as an “urban brand” and shifting to value-plus positioning in order to better compete against larger competitors.

Gregg writes,

“Church’s has redesigned its website to achieve a hipper look, and it plans to break new TV spots in early 2006 to promote its new spicy-chicken products, which play a key role in the chain’s goal to tell consumers that ‘we have variety and quality and at a lower price,’ according to chief marketing officer Farnaz Wallace.”  Download the PDF.


Nation’s Restaurant News: January 2009: Church’s launches ‘advergaming,’ texting campaigns

Mark Brandau interviewed Farnaz Wallace on the advertising platforms that Church’s is putting into action and new markets that Church’s is targeting for his article, Church’s launches ‘advergaming,’ texting campaigns, in Nation’s Restaurant News.  Mark writes, “Church’s Chicken said it has launched two advertising platforms to interact with young, urban consumers.  In addition to offering coupons via text message in a promotion called Be Heard, Church’s also will target a more multicultural demographic through a partnership with publishing label Surge to promot “Afrom Samurai,” a video game that combines Japanese-animation themes with hip-hop.”  Farnaz explains that “making sure that marketing campaigns are relevant while resonating with our customer base is vital and always our key ingredient in planning.  The urban youth market is the second-largest and fastest-growing sement in the U.S. and an audience we see emerging as one of our core customers.  It just makes sense to reach out to them in nontraditional media platforms where they socialize and play to supplement long-term brand building and recognition within this important group.”  Download the PDF.


Nation’s Restaurant News: July 2006: Church’s takes on ex-sibling Popeyes in ad battle over spicy-chicken market

Farnaz Wallace discusses, for an article in Nation’s Restaurant News, titled Church’s takes on ex-sibling Popeyes in ad battle over spicy-chicken market, written by Gregg Cebrzynski, the ad and public-relations campaign for Church’s Chicken that she took part in.

Gregg writes that the “ad and public-relations campaign was designed to grab market share from category leader Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits, once its sibling under Church’s former parent company AFC Enterprises.  The campaign, which Church’s considers its most aggressive ever, includes TV spots, in-store material and a two-week chicken giveaway.”  Download the PDF.


Nation’s Restaurant News: February 2007: Church’s buys Popeyes units in Texas

Farnaz Wallace was interviewed for an article in Nation’s Restaurant News, titled Church’s buys Popeyes units in Texas, on her opinion about using restaurant acquisitions to attract a more diverse market.

Nation’s Restaurant News writes,

Church’s Chicken, the 1,600-unit quick-service operator based here, said Tuesday that it had acquired 10 Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits locations in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas. The company said it was part of its strategy to appeal to the growing Hispanic market.  Read the article.


Nation’s Restaurant News: April 2009: Value menus deliver sales for DQ

Farnaz Wallace said that “the move to an even lower price point of these selected items only re-enforces our brands commitment of value during these tough economic times” in an article, titled, Value menus deliver sales for DQ, Church’s, in Nation’s Restaurant News and written by Dina Berta and Molly Gise.  The article discusses how the 99-cent value menu helps lure customers in the door.  This plan has worked, considering domestic system-wide sales have increased by 3.4 percent and customer transactions have increased by 6.3 percent.  Download the PDF