Leadership when pinched: Redefining Power

We are living in a business world of downward forecasts, slipping GDP growth, shrinking middle class, declining consumer confidence and spending, erratic stock market, and…yes…financial earthquake. And yet, behaviors and mindsets are all the same. Most economists don’t forecast an improvement until 2018. What should leaders do in a time when everyone is pinched so hard? How do we shape the path forward? . . .

Atlanta Woman: July/August 2008: Being Authentic

Farnaz Wallace was interviewed by Lucy Soto of Atlanta Woman for her article, Being Authentic, on her successful and inspirational career and life. Farnaz's method of and outlook on marketing Church's Chicken is truly influential and have led to Church's outstanding results. Farnaz explains, "At the end of the day, one of the things I've really discovered is in order to be successful you have to be authentic. And that state of authenticity allows you to be creative and productive. Diversity translates into numbers. Inclusion and diversity translates into bottom line profits for companies. Once you prove that and you gain the respect, love will follow. And it doesn't matter if I have a Prada suit or tattoos or if they both go together." Download the PDF.

What is the "New World MarketPlace"?

The New World Marketplace is where people and technology come together. It's the pace of change, shift, complexity and series of critical demographic junctures. It's a multicultural society where "we" is getting trickier to define in terms of race, ethnicity and religion. It's a place where cultural shifts create long-term evolutionary changes. It's where globalization has blurred traditional boundaries. It's the path forward to the "next society" where it's all about . . .