Farnaz on Negating Stereotypes, Redefining Archetypes

Negating Stereotypes: More Immigrants = Less Crime

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I’m sure most of us know of stereotypes that are floating around in the world in regards to women, Muslims, immigrants, multiculturalism, etc.  I plan to share with you articles and facts that negate some of the most common stereotypes and archetypes.  The goal is to challenge you and your (more…)


Negating gender stereotypes

We’ve all heard Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.  Most of us may have even read the book.  We stereotype genders, and get stereotyped ourselves…more than you can imagine.  There are many theories, articles and books – many scientific – that claim women’s brains are clinically different from men’s.  Many attempts to rationalize why women and men behave and react differently.  Why?  Just so we can understand our “segmentation” theories and market to them accordingly?  How are you and your companies stereotyping these human behaviors?



Working Women, Working Force

businesswomen working on laptopMen work. And so do women. So why do we talk about “working women” and not working men?

It’s not that there really are more working men than women. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics April 2010 report, women hold 49.8% (130.2 million) of the jobs in the U.S.  That’s about as close to a 50-50 workforce as possible.  The Labor Department further breaks it down. In 2008, 76% of unmarried mothers worked, as well as 69% of married mothers.  Only one in five households had a stay-at-home mom. A single mom heads up one in ten households and single women account for 27% of all households in the U.S.

For the first time in economic history, the male unemployment rate surpassed the female unemployment rate – and it just kept getting worse.  By December of ‘09, 10.2% of men were out of work, versus 8.2% of women.  During the worst of the job losses, male workers were handed 82% of the pink slips. (more…)


Multicultural Leadership Seminar: May 2009

Farnaz Wallace was a featured speaker in a seminar for Coca-Cola’s top executives at the Coca-Cola Headquarters.  Farnaz discussed multiculturalism and diversification in the seminar.  Watch a video clip of Farnaz speaking at this seminar.


Nation’s Restaurant News: January 2006: Church’s Chicken takes ‘value-plus’ tack, redesigns website

Gregg Cebrzynski of Nation’s Restaurant News writes in his article, Church’s Chicken takes ‘value-plus’ tack, redesigns website, about Farnaz Wallace marketing Church’s Chicken’s image as an “urban brand” and shifting to value-plus positioning in order to better compete against larger competitors.

Gregg writes,

“Church’s has redesigned its website to achieve a hipper look, and it plans to break new TV spots in early 2006 to promote its new spicy-chicken products, which play a key role in the chain’s goal to tell consumers that ‘we have variety and quality and at a lower price,’ according to chief marketing officer Farnaz Wallace.”  Download the PDF.


Redefining Our Cities

city with world over itMost companies and marketers obsessively examine demographics and trend shift data to make their strategic decisions in a linear fashion.  Often, we forget to research and examine realities that redefine who we are.  Some companies go further by defining psychographics that are need-based, which is very helpful…but who is defining realities based on social and cultural change?

I have found a fascinating report from The Brooking Institution, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation titled, “State of Metropolitan America: On the Front Lines of Demographic Transformation”. This report shows that the United States now faces five “new realities” that will redefine who we are, where and with whom we live, and how we provide for our own welfare, as well as that of our families and communities.

These “new realities” are:  Aging population; Income polarization; Uneven higher education attainment; Growth and outward expansion, and Population diversification.  See the “who we are – our 5 new realities” article for more information on these 5 new realities. (more…)


Influx of Immigrants – New People, New Customers

Are you or your company aware of how the face of the American consumer is changing because of immigration?  Is your brand still relevant to this influx of new people into your market every day?

Immigration to this country, both legal and illegal, is at an all time high.  As people pour in from other countries, settle, and begin to build their lives, companies must understand and embrace the cultural differences, and emotionally connect in order to be relevant and effectively communicate marketing and branding messages.

How relevant is your brand to the influx of immigrants?  It’s OK if you’ve made a conscious decision to eliminate this group, as a strategic trade-off, from your list of targets.  But let me at least share some interesting data before you finalize that decision.

Did you know, based on government estimates, there are 250,000 new illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. every year, with 10.8 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. now.  States with the largest illegal immigrant populations are: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Nevada. (more…)