Farnaz on Media Coverage

Chain Leader: May 2008: Church’s Chicken Drives Five Years of Positive Same Store Sales Growth

Chain Leader discusses in its article, Church’s Chicken Drives Five Years of Positive Same Store Sales Growth, how Farnaz Wallace’s breakthrough marketing strategy, successful new campaign and lineup of new products, and increased focus on non-TV markets have led to Church’s Chicken’s fifth year of positive same store sales in the United States.

Farnaz says, “the brand has always won when it comes to delivering real and authentic fried chicken at the best value.  Yet now, more than ever, customers need more motivation when it comes to purchasing meals.  Our quality differentiator is that Church’s offers freshly prepared food that is made with the same care and attention as home cooking – we make our crunchy, juicy chicken right in front of you – at a value that is attractive to your pocketbook.  But what we’ve found is that customers also want to feel good about their purchasing decision.  There’s an emotional satisfaction factor that comes into play, and it is our job to empower our cutomers with the knowledge that they are making a wise decison when they choose Church’s.”

Farnaz also explains that “the brand’s ‘I Know What Good Is’ advertising campaign caters to Church’s multicultural, cross-generational customer base by acknowledging that the customers themselves have a unique understanding of ‘good’ in their own lives.  The campaign gives the customer his or her own voice by focusing on authentic lifestyle scenes that illustrate how Church’s meals offer value and functionality in the customer’s daily life.”  Download the PDF.


Chain Leader: December 2008: Marketing Strategy Yields Success at Church’s Chicken

Farnaz Wallace comments on Church’s successful fifth year stride of positive same store domestic sales in the article, Marketing Strategy Yields Success at Church’s Chicken, in Chain Leader.  “Company officials attribute Church’s strong performance to breakthrough marketing strategies and aggressive expansion domestically and internationally.  Church’s recipe for success focuses on successful new product introductions, strong creative campaign and an appealing and affordable value menu that align with Church’s tried and true focused value proposition.  Church’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Farnaz Wallace said, ‘Our marketing team as well as the research and development team work hard to ensure they develop thoughtful strategies, creative campaigns and relevant product offerings that will resonate well with our customer base.  We take pride in our value proposition and target customers and in knowing that our customers are satisfied with our great food and great prices.'”  Download the PDF.


Chain Leader: January 2009: Marketing Technology: Church’s Chicken Targets Young Adults

Farnaz Wallace was interviewed for an article in Chain Leader titled, Marketing Technology: Church’s Chicken Targets Young Adults, on a move towards targeting mature, multicultural, urban young-adults.  Farnaz explains, “Making sure that marketing campaigns are relevant while resonating with our customer base is vital and always our key ingredient in planning.  The urban youth market is the second largest and fastest growing segment in the U.S. and an audeince we see emerging as one of our core customers.  It just makes sense to reach out to them in non-traditional media platforms where they socialize and play to supplement long-term brand building and recognition within this important group.”  Download the PDF.


Chain Leader: April 2009: Church’s Chicken Hatches Twitter-Follower Challenge

Chain Leader discusses Church’s joining the social media trend by joining Twitter in its article, Church’s Chicken Hatches Twitter-Follower Challenge.  Farnaz Wallace is interviewed on her opinion about Church’s jumping on the social media band waggon.  Farnaz says, “Church’s Chicken has never left the neighborhood by catering to the cross-generational multicultural families that have come to know and love us; and now our brand strategy translates digitally through popular social media platforms where our secondary and growing customer base, multicutural urban youth, works and plays.  Pioneering brands can measure the reach and influence of messages and how well they resonate within an emerging and rapidly growing online community.  Word of mouth, a great form of communication and ‘real’ endorsement, has not only gone electronic but truly global with techno-savvy customers leading the charge.” Download the PDF.


Chain Leader: April 2007: Church’s Is Taking Off

David Farkas of Chain Leader interviewed Farnaz Wallace for his article, Church’s Is Taking Off, on Church’s strategy as it becomes more competitive and increases its international expansion.

David writes, “Today, officials are broadening the menu even more, adding jalapeno-spiked cheese and Buffalo ranch and barbeque sauces.  ‘Our [menu] strategy centers on line extensions,’ says Chief Marketing Officer Farnaz Wallace, whose TV budget to promote the spicy food combinations totals $17 million.  To put that figure in perspective, KFC reportedly sunk $200 million five years ago into an ill-fated campaign that featured actor Jason Alexander.”  Download the PDF.


Chain Leader: April 2009: Church’s Chicken Outlines Marketing Strategy

Farnaz Wallace discusses Church’s marketing strategy and value-driven positioning in Chain Leader’s article, Church’s Chicken Outlines Marketing Strategy.  Farnaz explains that “the introduction of the value menu gives customers an affordable option in stretching their dollar while satisfying their taste.  The new value menu is just one more way to stay true to Church’s no-frills positioning.  It underscores Church’s price-value position of providing good, authentic juicy marinated fried chicken – the menu serves comfort foods without premium costs.”  Download the PDF.


Chain Leader: December 2008: Families Sit Down to Dinner…with Takeout

Farnaz Wallace comments on the increasing number of families picking up meals from restaurants and taking them home, rather than cooking meals at home, which is discussed in the Chain Leader article, Families Sit Down to Dinner…with Takeout.  Farnaz states, “Church’s Chicken has been built on the concept of home-style meals and has catered to the home meal replacement trend for years.  We take pride in the fact that individuals, couples, and families can come into our restaurant and take dinner out.”  Download the PDF.