Nation's Restaurant News: January 2009: Church's launches 'advergaming,' texting campaigns

Mark Brandau interviewed Farnaz Wallace on the advertising platforms that Church’s is putting into action and new markets that Church’s is targeting for his article, Church’s launches ‘advergaming,’ texting campaigns, in Nation’s Restaurant News.  Mark writes, “Church’s Chicken said it has launched two advertising platforms to interact with young, urban consumers.  In addition to offering coupons via text message in a promotion called Be Heard, Church’s also will target a more multicultural demographic through a partnership with publishing label Surge to promot “Afrom Samurai,” a video game that combines Japanese-animation themes with hip-hop.”  Farnaz explains that “making sure that marketing campaigns are relevant while resonating with our customer base is vital and always our key ingredient in planning.  The urban youth market is the second-largest and fastest-growing sement in the U.S. and an audience we see emerging as one of our core customers.  It just makes sense to reach out to them in nontraditional media platforms where they socialize and play to supplement long-term brand building and recognition within this important group.”  Download the PDF.

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