Meet Farnaz

Farnaz Wallace is a thought leader, author, speaker, management consultant and growth strategist passionate about helping leaders and companies embrace and grow in a New World Marketplace pulsing with culturally diverse make up of consumers, employees and relationships. She connects rapid, critical demographics and cultural shifts into profit potential and provides a clear roadmap for future growth and profitability. With a proven track record and over 25 years of experience in marketing and branding, she transforms traditional business models into customer-centric, best-in-class growth platforms.

Farnaz is currently the Principal of Farnaz Global, LLC, where she has been very successful at publishing a book, The New World Marketplace, and assisting consumer products and retailing clients with capitalizing on demographics and cultural macro trends, including multiculturalism, women and youth, and defining brand Value Propositions. She is the go-to-expert for growth opportunities on the horizon and a sought after speaker and consultant for many organizations around the world. She is a visionary and strategic decision maker with optimal balance of creativity and analytical skills, and known for her dynamic and energetic personality, strong turnaround ability and generating tangible results.

As a Former Global CMO with Church’s Chicken, she led the brand in five years of consecutive same store sales growth, outpacing the entire category, which resulted in a successful company acquisition process and ownership change. She understands what it takes to stay relevant in a fast-changing marketplace and drive financial results several years in a row.  She contributes her success to her passion for people and cultures, and building a winning diverse team in a collaborative team environment.  Prior to Church’s Chicken,  she held marketing positions at KFC and account management positions at several advertising agencies.  Her broad-based expertise includes strategic planning, P&L management, human resources, M&A, brand positioning and differentiations, value propositions and delivery, financial analysis, management and business consultancy, marketing, new product development, advertising, executive coaching and keynote speaking.

Farnaz coined the phrase “New World Marketplace” to help decision-makers in businesses, community leaders and the media embrace demographics and cultural macro forces instead of treating them in silos and labeling them as special interests and diversity initiatives.  For better or worse, the world of Mad Men is dead, and she believes shifting roles of women, ideological power of youth and growth and influence of multiculturalism are shaping the future of our leadership and business practices.

A woman of Iranian background who immigrated with her family to Louisiana at the age 15, Farnaz’s whole life has been a multicultural experience. She uses the lessons learned by facing and overcoming issues of ethnicity, gender, class, caste, religious, political, economic and lifestyle experiences to shape her vision and keep it alive.  She believes in the spirit’s deep desire for freedom, self-determination and self-expressions to maintain and honor an inner state of authenticity.  She lives it and knows how to lead others to find such authenticity within themselves, and their brand promises.  Her unique knowledge, experience and successful track record makes her a trusted advisor and speaker for many executives and organizations around the world.

Farnaz Wallace has post graduate certificates in Executive Management from Stanford University and Marketing from Southern Methodist University, as well as Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and corporate governance experience in the areas of marketing strategy and business sustainability.

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