Keynote Speaking

Are you ready to lead your company and motivate your team to win and succeed in The New World Marketplace?  It is a world vastly different than the one taught in business textbooks.  Are you ready to become your own future rival?  Farnaz Wallace delivers a thought-provoking, eye-opening, passionate and motivational keynote at your next conference to help you and your team forsake past orthodoxies and prejudices that hold you back from future growth and success. 

Farnaz is known as an inspirational futuristic speaker, and insightful interpreter of the rapid cultural and demographic shifts that are shaking up our societies and businesses as we see it today.  She has extensive experience as a motivational keynote speaker for advancement of women as well as multicultural, millennials, and diversity leadership keynotes.  Farnaz is the published author of the book, The New World Marketplace–how women, youth and multiculturalism are shaping our future.  She coined the phrase The New World Marketplace to help business and social leaders embrace, relate and profit from these three major macro trends. Once considered small niches and special interests, these macro trends are now major target markets for businesses that need to stay relevant in today’s fast-changing marketplace.  

Her skill in connecting critical demographics and cultural shifts to growth strategies and leadership practices puts her in the category of “cultural change expert” for many organizations around the world.  And her provocative and no- holds- bar style bring a fresh perspective to the myths, prejudices and mindsets surrounding the changing cultures. If your organization is ready to embrace and succeed in The New World Marketplace, Farnaz is your guide.


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General audience
Length:  60-90 minutes

Leading and succeeding in the New World Marketplace 


We’ve all heard the myths, clichés, and rhetoric on the impact of globalization.  We’ve heard sound bites on the customer trends, forecasts and prognostications.  Many pundits and politicians talk about global leadership but they miss the core issue facing every business and community leader.  When you are in a leadership role,  “We” is getting trickier to define in terms of culture, race, ethnicity, gender roles, beliefs and values?

You simply can not ignore the 3 major macro trends challenging today’s and future leaders in the New World Marketplace:  the shifting roles of women at home and at work, the new values and ideological power of youth culture, and the growth and influence of multicultural consumers and societies.  Farnaz will spark awareness of these critical cultural and social shifts, redefining what diversity really means to your organization and community.  Consider the following facts and projections:

  • The majority of the US will soon be non-white, with no single ethnic or racial majority by 2055
  • Asia has replaced Latin America (including Mexico) as the biggest source of new immigrants to the US
  • Hispanics, Asians & multi-racial children accounted for almost all of the US population growth this past decade
  • For every two men graduating from college, three women graduate, and with better GPAs
  • Women are the largest target market opportunity globally, with $20 trillion in annual consumer spending, expected to rise to $30 trillion in the next five years..
  • 85% of all buying decisions are made by women in the US
  • Gen Y is 3x the size of Gen X, soon to be the largest global work force and consumers
  • Gen Y and Gen Z are multicultural and last generations to be majority white
  • The world is aging, a big demographic challenge globally
  • Cultural values is the most important value in consumers’ minds

As a cultural change expert and sought- after inspirational speaker, Farnaz challenges leaders to foresake their past orthodoxies, biases and prejudices that hold them back from future growth and success.  After this keynote, leaders will walk away with:

  • An understanding of the societal transformation and rapid demographics and cultural shifts emerging today
  • What these 3 major macro trends mean to you, your organization, and your bottomline
  • How to become a Diversity Leader for your organization and succeed in the New World Marketplace
  • Bridging cultural gaps and leveraging on shared commonalities in values and beliefs
  • Tools to navigate cross-cultural relationships

C-Level Audience & Leaders
Length 90 minutes- 2 hours

A road map for growth and profitability in The New World Marketplace

A rapid demographics and cultural shift has occurred over the last decade, but it’s not being addressed or spoken to by your strategic planning and branding messages.  In today’s economy, many companies struggle to deliver mutually profitable Value Propositions to their target customers without a good understanding of these shifts, and often abandon the core essence and personal revelation of the brand to survive.

In this keynote (or management workshop), Farnaz will de-mystify the 3 major macro trends that are key to your future growth and profitability:

  1. The shifting roles of women at home and at work
  2. The new values and ideological power of Millennials and youth culture
  3. The growth and influence of multicultural consumers, employees and societies

These three trends –once considered small niches–are now major target markets, and businesses must communicate to them in order to stay relevant and prosperous.  Understanding and embracing this roadmap is essential in succeeding in today’s economic climate and globally competitive world.

As a cultural change and growth consultant, Farnaz cuts through the myths, prejudices and biases that hold your organization back from this extraordinary potential for profitable growth.  The passion she brings to the stage will inspire you to evaluate whether your value proposition, value delivery system and communications strategies contradicts or supports the values and beliefs of these vibrant booming macro trends.

Farnaz’s expertise in connecting critical demographics and cultural shifts to growth strategies will ensure your opportunity for differentiation and success in this fiercely competitive global marketplace.  She will clarify strategic priorities that can put your organization far ahead of your competition. You will re-learn what Diversity means and why embracing these hungry and growing customer base will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Farnaz will discuss and address these strategies:

  • Re-evaluating your core target(s) and business models
  • Choosing and solidifying your Value Proposition(s) – do they reflect the beliefs and values of the NWMP?
  • Identifying the gaps in your Value Delivery systems
  • Whether your VP communication strategies are misfiring
  • Cultural and Emotional Frameworks for the 3 macro trends
  • Bridging cultural gaps and creating a meaningful relationships with NWMP customers