Election Results Mirror The New World Marketplace–lessons companies must learn from GOP mistakes

Last night was one of the most important nights in American history.  Not just because it was another Presidential election night, but because an African American President with the most global multicultural background in one of the toughest economic climate won the second term.  Because now we have record number of women Senators elected.  Because among them were the first disabled woman, first openly gay woman and first Asian woman.

I was tweeting during election coverage last night about how women, youth and multiculturalism are shaping our future.  Not just because this is the subhead title of my book, but because literally, these 3 major macro trends brought President Obama the re-election victory.  Folks, it is The New World Marketplace and there are rapid cultural shifts redefining our mainstream culture.  Let’s peek at a few key demographics:

  • Romney found strong support among seniors, whites and men–no surprises
  • Obama built an 11 ppt advantage among women with 55% support (down from 56 four years ago)
  • Obama won 93% of African Americans (down from 95)
  • Obama won 73% of Hispanics (up from 69)– with 44 ppt advantage over Romney (who secured 27%, down from 31%)
  • Obama won only 39% of whites, down from 43% (this is the lowest white support for Democrats since 1992)

Surprises anyone?  Not for me.  The GOP’s gain of The New World Marketplace is shamefully low.  Although national polling suggests that Romney is trailing Obama by mid-to-high single digits among women—a margin that would rank among the smallest gender gaps in modern presidential history—the GOP has failed to recognize where this nation is going, demographically and culturally.

We all know that the #1 issue in this election was economy, so you might be scratching your head wondering what happened.  The pundits vary in opinions, ranging from effective negative campaigning, 47% video, even  hurricane Sandy.  A few may be mentioning the need to redefine conservatism and reinvention of the Republican party.  But I don’t think anyone is clearly defining that these social and cultural issues are economic issues as well.

Let’s face it—the global economy is changing at a lightening speed.  The revolutions we have been seeing around the world are not just about economic issues, but also cultural shifts specially in leadership.  President Obama’s re-election was clearly not about economic issues, but about social and cultural issues.  But it is time to face that these social and cultural shifts drive consumer motivation and behavior, and therefore, business performance.  It is time to realize that embracing cultural shifts and TNWMP is an economic imperative.

Facing the fiscal cliff, business leaders must learn about the GOP mistakes and embrace the 3 major macro trends in TNWMP.  Businesses must re-invent themselves.  Focus on raising revenue and topline instead of tactical cost cutting with short term benefits and long terms risks.  The more you cut expenses, the more you jeopardize your top line.  Being frustrated doesn’t do it.  Study your macro economics, your industry landscape and your own business models.  With only 34 more working days left this year, you must start re-evaluating your core target and your strategic plans and priorities for 2013.

You can rise above the fiscal cliff, succeed and prosper in the coming years–or stay frustrated and behind.  Your choice.  Change is mandatory.  Make it meaningful.

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