Chain Leader: May 2008: Church's Chicken Drives Five Years of Positive Same Store Sales Growth

Chain Leader discusses in its article, Church’s Chicken Drives Five Years of Positive Same Store Sales Growth, how Farnaz Wallace’s breakthrough marketing strategy, successful new campaign and lineup of new products, and increased focus on non-TV markets have led to Church’s Chicken’s fifth year of positive same store sales in the United States.

Farnaz says, “the brand has always won when it comes to delivering real and authentic fried chicken at the best value.  Yet now, more than ever, customers need more motivation when it comes to purchasing meals.  Our quality differentiator is that Church’s offers freshly prepared food that is made with the same care and attention as home cooking – we make our crunchy, juicy chicken right in front of you – at a value that is attractive to your pocketbook.  But what we’ve found is that customers also want to feel good about their purchasing decision.  There’s an emotional satisfaction factor that comes into play, and it is our job to empower our cutomers with the knowledge that they are making a wise decison when they choose Church’s.”

Farnaz also explains that “the brand’s ‘I Know What Good Is’ advertising campaign caters to Church’s multicultural, cross-generational customer base by acknowledging that the customers themselves have a unique understanding of ‘good’ in their own lives.  The campaign gives the customer his or her own voice by focusing on authentic lifestyle scenes that illustrate how Church’s meals offer value and functionality in the customer’s daily life.”  Download the PDF.

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