Chain Leader: April 2009: Church's Chicken Hatches Twitter-Follower Challenge

Chain Leader discusses Church’s joining the social media trend by joining Twitter in its article, Church’s Chicken Hatches Twitter-Follower Challenge.  Farnaz Wallace is interviewed on her opinion about Church’s jumping on the social media band waggon.  Farnaz says, “Church’s Chicken has never left the neighborhood by catering to the cross-generational multicultural families that have come to know and love us; and now our brand strategy translates digitally through popular social media platforms where our secondary and growing customer base, multicutural urban youth, works and plays.  Pioneering brands can measure the reach and influence of messages and how well they resonate within an emerging and rapidly growing online community.  Word of mouth, a great form of communication and ‘real’ endorsement, has not only gone electronic but truly global with techno-savvy customers leading the charge.” Download the PDF.

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