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Farnaz Wallace Featured Keynote Speaker at Deloitte in Dallas, April 17th, 2014


A Joint Business Resource Group sponsored event
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The New World Marketplace

How women, youth, and multiculturalism are shaping our future

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Networking reception: 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Event: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Deloitte Offices
2200 Ross Avenue

Suite 1600

Dallas, TX 75201

Join the Dallas Deloitte Diversity and Inclusion groups and author Farnaz Wallace for a diversity & inclusion event focused on professional and business development. We invite you and your colleagues to an evening of networking followed by a presentation from our key note speaker and an open panel discussion.

Our speaker and other workshop panelists will provide practical insights on the shifting roles of women, the new values and ideological power of the youth culture, and the growth and influence of multiculturalism. The panel will discuss their views on the changing workforce demographics and how to adapt and cater to these colleagues & consumers. The presentation is preceded by a networking event so that participants can network and build relationships.

This event will be hosted through a joint effort of Deloitte’s Business Resource Groups. The individuals that will participate on the panel discussion include:

  • Host – Jason Downing, Deloitte, North Texas Managing Partner
  • Key Note Speaker – Farnaz Wallace, Author & Thought Leader, Former EVP & CMO Church’s Chicken
  • Panelist – Veronica Torres, Dallas Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, Director of Business Development
  • Panelist – Greg Moore, Greater Dallas Advisory Board for the Texas Diversity Council, President
  • Panelist – Lisa Amoroso, PepsiCo, Diversity & Inclusion Senior Director

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Cultural Change Expert explains why women don’t need to man up to be successful leaders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (by Tate Publishing)

ATLANTA, GA. – It’s The New World Marketplace afterall, and women, youth and multiculturalism are shaping our future.  A rapid cultural shift has occurred over the last decade, but author and thought leader Farnaz Wallace believes it’s not being addressed by businesses and leaders.

“With all the great empowerment initiatives for women today, we are still looking at massive gender inequality in corridors of power,” she said.  “Many great women thought leaders point to re-evaluating business policies to eliminate obstacles that force talented women to choose between family and career, and others point to women’s ambition calling us all to man up–but I believe there are 4 missing links from this important dialogue.”

Wallace breaks these down into four essentials for women to succeed in The New World Marketplace Leadership: Inner-authenticity, Being the woman leader other women want to work for, Re-defining Power, and Avoiding all gender stereotypes.

“I’ve always believed once you gain trust and respect, love always follows,” she said.  “But how can women gain trust and respect if they’re trying to be someone they are not?”  Wallace believes it’s far more important to find the richest, fullest expression of one’s authentic self, and spend majority of time in strength and passion and generate results, versus trying to fit into a perceived cultural norm.

“Research shows that women have a tougher time working for women,” she said.  “To be a successful leader, people of all ages, cultures, race and gender must want to follow and work for you, specially other women.  Men and women largely agree on life goals. It is the position of power and domination that differentiates us, not just between men and women, but also among women ourselves.”

“That’s even more of an important toptic than gender inequality because the old business culture of command and control doesn’t work for men or women,” she said.  Wallace believes it is time to redefine power as less need to limit or control others, and define power as affiliation, linking and partnership–a blend of hard and soft powers, she calls it “smart” powers.  “Women don’t need to man up to be successful, they need to possess smart powers,” she said.

“Women are different than other women, just as men are different than other men, why the continuous focus on gender stereotyping?” she asks.  “I believe if we want to achieve gender equality, we must first stop gender stereotyping for it serves no purpose other than protecting traditional orthodoxies that have held women back for generations.”

Wallace is a thought leader, speaker, and strategic consultant focused on helping companies capitalize on cultural macro trends in today’s fast-changing marketplace. She is the published author of the book, The New World Marketplace, and presently resides in Atlanta.


Farnaz Wallace Keynote Address at Possible Woman Conference, April 24, 2013 in Atlanta

Farnaz Wallace delivers a thought-provoking, motivational 50-min keynote about The New World Marketplace and what it takes to be a success woman leader at 2013 Possible Woman Conference in Atlanta on on April 24, 2013.  Here’s a short 5-minute clip of this speech:




Farnaz Wallace Featured in Atlanta Business Chronicle – Women’s Leadership Forum

Farnaz Wallace served as a moderator in Women’s Leadership Forum in Atlanta, April 5th, 2013, on the topic of “Developing the next generation of leaders in a new world.”  She was interviewed by Atlanta Business Chronicle on this topic for their April 15th edition, Strategies for growing business.

In this article, Farnaz said, “women, youth and multiculturalism are shaping the future and businesses need to adapt because these are currently missing components that are needed to develop the next generations of leaders.  Wallace serves as the moderator for the forum’s “Developing the next generation of leaders” panel.

These rapid cultural shifts are not being addressed by businesses and leaders, and they are the macro trends shaping the future,” she said.  “While women are 50 percent of the work force, 51 percent of the population and control 85 percent of consumer buying decisions, they need to tap into makes them unique in order to become great leaders.”

“The feminine values of caring, and nurturing are polarizing.  There has been a trend to harden women and soften men.  Women are encouraged to be aggressive and embrace the masculine values of power and success,” she said.  “But it is not all about hard and soft powers.  It’s about smart powers.”

Winning in the marketplace, regardless of gender, is ultimately about performance and Wallace doesn’t want to minimize the importance of competence.  “People don’t leave companies, they leave people,” she said.  “If a company is spending more time on products and IT instead of relationships and people, they are not investing in the long-term financial success.  We need to redefine new world leadership and understand it is more about caring and nurturing and the ability to influence and persuade.  Numbers are manifested through people’s actions and you can’t succeed unless you take care of your people.  The new world leader gets that.”

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Farnaz Wallace Keynote Address at Diversity Woman Leadership Conference

Farnaz Wallace delivers a thought-provoking, motivational keynote about The New World Marketplace at 2012 Diversity Woman Business Leadership Conference in Washington DC on December 17, 2012.  Here’s a short 3-minute clip of this speech:


Farnaz Wallace Joins Possible Woman Conference As Opening Keynote, April 24

The dynamic Farnaz Wallace, author of The New World Marketplace and CEO/Founder of Farnaz Global LLC, will be the opening keynote speaker at the Possible Woman Conference Wednesday April 24 at Atlanta Marriott Marquis. In its 17th year, Possible Woman is an inspiring conference that connects attendees with the growth possibilities in every woman.

Wallace joins international dance star Judith Jamison, choreographer and artistic director emerita of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, who will be the luncheon keynote speaker.

As a former Chief Marketing Officer with Church’s Chicken who drove five years of consecutive sales growth outpacing the category, Wallace coined the phrase The New World Marketplace to define how women, youth and multiculturalism are shaping our future. She is a provocative thinker and an insightful strategist who helps leaders and companies capitalize on cultural macro trends and define their brand’s value proposition and sustainable revenue models in today’s fast-changing marketplace.

Of Iranian background, Wallace immigrated with her family to Louisiana at the age 15. She uses the lessons learned by overcoming issues of ethnicity, gender, class, caste, religious, political, economic and lifestyle experiences to shape her vision and keep it alive. She believes in the spirit’s deep desire for freedom, self-determination and self-expressions to maintain an inner authenticity. She leads others to find authenticity within themselves, their companies and customers.

“Her whole life has been a Possible Woman experience!” said Linda Wind, CEO of Wind Enterprises®, organizer of the annual regional leadership conference. “Her ideas are fascinating and will help makePOWER. PURPOSE. PASSION. Possible Woman 2013 the most dynamic Possible Woman event yet!”



[Podcast] Succeeding in the New World Marketplace

Vistage International interviewed Farnaz Wallace on November 6, 2012, to help their CEO members embrace and succeed in The New World Marketplace.  Click here to listen to this informative 13 minute podcast.


•          A Definition of the New World Marketplace

•          The 3 Cultural Macro Trends that businesses must embrace

•          Implications of Cultural of Shifts for CEOs and their businesses

•          The Importance of Redefining Your Target Customers

•          The Key  Things That Companies Need to do Do to Succeed in Today’s Economy

•          How to Create a Cultural and Emotional Connection with Target Customers



Expert explains what it takes for businesses to succeed in today’s economy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (by Tate Publishing)

ATLANTA, Ga. – In today’s tough economy, bitter political campaigns, fluctuating stock market and consumer confidence, experienced consultant and thought leader Farnaz Wallace believes cultural macro trends are not being addressed by businesses and opportunities for growth are ignored.

“We can’t just sit back and blame the economy for company performance,” says Wallace, “today more than ever, people have a simple wish for a better life, and brands must communicate how they can improve consumer’s life conditions through a meaningful, emotionally charged campaign.”

But companies are not doing so.  Instead, they are focused on continuous cost cutting and leading from the back end.  A rapid cultural shift has occurred over the last decade, but is not being addressed. Leaders and companies must start leading from the front end, leveraging the cultural macro trends to improve sales and profit.  They must find ways to stay relevant in a world that is fundamentally different from the one being taught in textbooks, she says.

In her new book released in May, “The New World Marketplace,” Wallace breaks down these changes into three macro trends: The shifting roles of women at home and at work, the new values and ideological power of youth culture, and the growth and influence of multicultural consumers and societies.

These three trends—once considered small niches—are now major target markets, and businesses must communicate to them in order to stay relevant and prosperous.  Great brands are built on beliefs and values.  Building trust is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a must-have.  How can you build on fast-changing beliefs and values without understanding The New World Marketplace, she says.

Wallace explains the societal transformations clearly in her book, and offers tools to address them, both professionally and personally.  She hopes individuals’ eyes will be opened to the possibilities for new social models, leadership, and of course, business models that will succeed.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore, or by visitingbarnesandnoble.com or amazon.com.

Wallace is a thought leader, speaker, and strategic consultant focused on helping companies capitalize on cultural macro trends in today’s fast-changing, challenging marketplace. She has served as EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for a Fortune 500 Company, and presently resides in Atlanta.


The Official Trailer For The New World Marketplace by Farnaz Wallace


Featured Guest on The RichLife Show: Financial Future – with Beau Henderson, WDUN FM102.9/AM550

Farnaz Wallace discusses her new book, The New World Marketplace, and what businesses need to know and embrace to succeed financially in the next 3-5 years.  Farnaz’s segment starts half way in to the show.  Click here to listen.



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