Meet Farnaz

Farnaz Wallace is a thought leader, author, speaker, and strategic consultant focused on helping leaders and companies capitalize on cultural macro trends and define their brand’s winning Value Propositions and sustainable revenue models in today’s fast-changing marketplace.  As the Founder of Farnaz Global, LLC, she is the go-to-expert for growth opportunities on the horizon and a sought after speaker and consultant for many organizations around the world.

Farnaz coined the phrase “The New World Marketplace” to help decision-makers in businesses, community leaders and the media embrace how women, youth and multiculturalism are shaping our future.  For better or worse, the world of Mad Men is dead.  In its place lives an economic world pulsing with a culturally diverse makeup of social models, relationships, businesses, leaders and customers –most of whom aren’t being spoken to by your strategic planning and branding messages.  Farnaz helps companies connect the critical demographics and cultural shifts into profit potential and provides a clear roadmap for growth and profitability over the next 3-5 years.  She is a provocative thinker and an insightful strategist who is an evangelist for three major cultural macro trends impacting your bottom line and and profitable growth success:

  1. The Shifting roles of women at home and at work
  2. The new values and ideological power of youth culture
  3. The growth and influence of multicultural consumers and societies

Farnaz is the published author of “The New World Marketplace,” released May 22, 2012.  In her book, you will see the societal transformations clearly, and gain the tools to address them, both professionally and personally.  Your eyes will be opened to the possibilities for new social models, leadership, and of course business models that will succeed.

As a Former EVP and Chief Marketing Officer with Church’s Chicken, she served as the chief brand protector and accelerator of performance. She led the brand in five years of consecutive same store sales growth, outpacing the entire category, which resulted in a successful company acquisition process and ownership change.  She understands what it takes to succeed in this fast-changing marketplace and drive financial results.  She contributes her success to her inner authenticity, passion for these three macro trends, building a winning diverse team in a collaborative team environment, focusing on commonalities and shared values and beliefs.  Her consulting firm, Farnaz Global, LLC, is designed the same and differentiates from other consulting companies by getting her clients the profitable growth results faster and ensure future success in this New World Marketplace.

A woman of Iranian background who immigrated with her family to Louisiana at the age 15, Farnaz’s whole life has been a New World experience. She uses the lessons learned by facing and overcoming issues of ethnicity, gender, class, caste, religious, political, economic and lifestyle experiences to shape her vision and keep it alive.  She believes in the spirit’s deep desire for freedom, self-determination and self-expressions to maintain and honor an inner state of authenticity.  She lives it and knows how to lead others to find such authenticity within themselves, their companies and brand identities.  Farnaz is passionate about helping individuals, companies and communities translate and interpret how these three macro trends are shaping our future and economic success.

Farnaz has served on the board of Atlanta Woman Magazine and volunteers working with Refugee women and teenage girls.  Farnaz is an experienced consultant and featured keynote speaker with a wide range of organizations and topics.

Farnaz Wallace has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette, LA, a Graduate Marketing Certificate from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, and an Executive Management Certificate from Stanford University in CA.