A New Path Forward Onto 2012: A Personal Note

I can’t believe 2011 is almost gone and behind us.  We say that every year, yet this year went by faster than usual with mixed blessings for many.  With only 11 days left in 2011, holiday shopping craze, intense polarizing political debates, and global economy tougher than ever, we should stop to think what type of new path forward we want to manifest in 2012.

I didn’t send out my regular New World Marketplace update this month, because I was busy finishing my book.  It was a long process, gratifying yet difficult at times, for a first time author like me.  My challenge was writing about what hasn’t been written about, directing attention of the minds where it hasn’t been, and saying something new.  Thanks to you, and so many of my loyal readers, I had great responses to my blogs all year.  I’m excited to tell you that I finally finished my book and sent it off to my publisher Sunday night.  We are now in final editing phase, will go into layout and design phase early January, and you should have access to my e-book in February, and published printed copies shortly after.

The title of my book is “New World Marketplace.”  This is a phrase I coined to interpret and translate three major macro trends that are rapidly shifting and shaping the values and cultures of our new global world:  the growth and influence of the multicultural society, the shifting roles and rise of women, and new values and ideological power of the youth culture.  There are other books about multicultural marketing.  Many sources to read about Gen Y.  Many great feminist writers and speakers.  But I felt there was a hole in clearly defining the business and social imperatives of embracing all 3 for growth and success.

My book is more than just a branding strategy textbook.  I have poured my heart and soul into something that I’m hoping will open eyes to new possibilities for new social models, leadership, cultural shifts and shared values that we need to lift us up and onward to the new path in 2012 and beyond.  I will provide updates on my social media links on a regular basis.  Please join me.

I have learned many lessons through this process.  As 2011 ends, I try to reflect on lessons learned, letting go of certain aspects of the past, and integrate the rest with the future I want to manifest.  I learned that starting a business is much tougher than I could imagine.  I gained a new found appreciation for all entrepreneurs.  I learned new values that I want to adhere to.  I learned that now, more than ever, it’s all about leading from the heart, not the mind.  I learned that understanding my purpose in life is far more important than professional tasks.  I learned that as water is to a flower, so are loving family and friends to the heart.

What are some of the lessons you learned?  And what are the values you want to embrace in 2012?

I wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, peace, love, fun and laughter.  Let’s bring in 2012 with optimism and hope for a greater, happier and prosperous world.

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  1. Louis Hong

    What I learned in 2011 in some ways mirror the macro trends you briefly touched on. As a casual observer with some amount of interest in marketing (my wife), I feel very few have cracked the code of marketing to the Gen-Y’ers. You can typically tell who markets to Gen-Y’ers effectively (Apple, Mini) and the ones that are always wanting to breakthrough but really lacking the “cred” (Toyota, Microsoft). This tells me that it is no longer enough to have a competitive product without a credible message to the intended target. I feel brand management is even more important today because Gen-Y’ers associate their desired lifestyle to brands and their messaging.

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