My 2012 Trend Predictions

In the process of final editing & proofing of my book, I realized a lot of my forecasts and predictions pertain to the future.  But how about 2012? There are so many exhuastive predictions on surveys, blogs and conversations.  Many believe that 2012 prophecies have already happened in 2011.  So I decided to devote a blog to my own 2012 trend predictions before we’re too far into it.

Any one of these can easily have its own blog.  But here’s a quick recap:

  • Economy will get better.  We’re already seeing this in financial market, regardless of the bitter political debate on media.  Not sure how long it will last, but we will see consumer confidence and business revenues go up this year.  With the mild winter that we’re having (rolling over a bad one from prior year), if your business is not up, something is wrong internally.
  • The buzz about women controlling 85% of all buying decision will get louder and finally get Corporate attention–with seminars, conferences & media coverage, including my own book.
  • Racism & Sexism will be far more intolerable than previous years.   Gender lines & roles will blur even more.  You will see manifestation of this in politics, marketing/advertising and all social conversations–online and off line.  Get ready to embrace an androgyneous mind.
  • You will start hearing “Asia” a lot more….just as strong as the Latin craze we’ve had these past few years.  (Read this blog)
  • And it’s no longer just China & India–you’ll hear more about Vietnam, Indonesia & other Asian countries.
  • Luxury brands will start targeting China & India.  Even Middle East.
  • Asian and African countries grow their middle class, while US share of global middle class keeps declining.
  • Muslims will go under marketer’s radar in the US, and globally.
  • Green & social responsibility will be included in all successful Corporate strategies.  It is no longer just about products & services–it’s also about making this world a better place to live.
  • Marketers & advertisers will focus more on authenticity, keeping it real, brand heritage, eco chic, and more is less.
  • Savvy marketers will target savvy customers who are social consumers–ie 20% high sharere on internet to reach the other 80%–aka early adopters.  A bigger shift in social media towards branding.
  • Last two years have been all about social media.  This will be the year of the Mobile platform.  The capabilities of phones & tablets will grow immensely.  Remote work is on the rise…!!!
  • Get ready for social TV.  All media & social devices will come together to offer us TV experiences wherever and whenever we want.
  • Multiculturalism will rise beyond a racial discussion and will extend into fashion, colors, food, music…all lifestyle pillars.
  • Focus on food health will shift from low fat or high protein to gluton-free, wheat-free, less processed, and going LOCAL.
  • With boomers staying younger & more fit, expect to see a higher % of ad dollars for them.
  • Multigenerational households will become common with boomers retiring and Gen Y moving back home.

Are you seeing or hearing any other major trends for 2012 that I should add to this list?  Love to hear your thoughts.

I’ll end this by telling you how excited I am that we finished all the final editing of my book–I even proofed a printed sample last week.  I realized how much information I packed in a very small book–you could finish it in 1-3 settings.  I’m sure the content will resonate with you.  We should be going to print in a week or so, and my next blog will give you the timing and ordering details.

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